1. karl dix

    Hi Louise,

    we were hoping you’d do a Vindaloo! Our house has what people around here call ‘ the spice room ‘ actually it’s the space under the winding stairs we use to store most of the spices. Over the years the oak wood from which the stairs are made, has taken on the wonderful odour,hence the name. After reading the recipe and rummaging through the stockpile we started. The best way to start any home cooking is when the family are around to join in. I believe in us cooking together, my boy loves the whole theatre. Louise we used the shoulder from one of our Vietnamese hanging belly pigs. They taste delicious, we feed them the best mother nature produces. Their bred for food, and we are lucky we can. I don’t like meat from somewhere else. Anyway, we got the pork ready, followed your instructions and produced a meal that the Van Zandt’s had to experience. There were runny eyes and coughing but that part of eating a really hot Vindaloo. We discussed the fact that you come from Ireland. Now we’re hoping for a classic Irish dish!!

    Thanks Louise,

    Karl and the gang

    • Thank you Karl for your comment. I am so glad you and your family liked the Vindaloo. I can only imagine how good your dish must of tasted with your own organic meat. I have plenty of wonderful Irish recipes in my new cook book that I’m working on so I will keep you informed of it’s progress. Check out the Irish griddle bread post it’s super easy to make.


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