A little about me…

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Louise Lowry and I live in the desert of Palm Springs, California. It’s a long way from Dublin, Ireland, to be sure, where I was born and raised.  My childhood was dusted in powdered sugar and splattered in blood and guts (more about that later). I began a modeling career and a long love affair with food, hearty beef stews, crusty bread, rich creamy butter, and an obsession with spices and Indian food that I have no doubt came from a past life.

Louise Lowry, Taos, New Mexico. photo by Wm. Stetz

Louise Lowry, Taos, New Mexico. photo by Wm. Stetz

 I landed my first professional cooking job, at the age of 25, at Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Dublin, and catered to U2, Hot House Flowers, Def Leppard, The Chieftains, Howard Jones, The Waterboys and Brian Eno, to name a few. It was a righteous, exciting time in my life. I moved on and opened a cafe there for a couple of years before moving to LA with my son and husband at the time.

©2015 Wm. Stetz

Connemara, Ireland. photo by Wm. Stetz, ©2015 Wm. Stetz

We settled in Malibu by the ocean, and it took two years and a divorce before I got into cooking again — this time “Louise’s Delicious Soups” to the stars and local community. I became a private chef to a Malibu couple and fell in love with a blue-eyed surfer that I married. I was offered the position of chef at The Monte Nido Treatment Center in Malibu, a residential facility for women with eating disorders. I found myself in a peculiar situation. I was cooking for women who didn’t want to eat and women who love food, but throw it up.

The work changed my life. I began to teach cooking classes every week and hold a group where I taught meditation, creative visualization and dance. It was an rewarding experience and I worked there for nine years. Life swirled by and I became single again. I moved into Venice, continuing on my path – this time the path to self.

Now, twelve years later, I’m married to my sweetheart Bill, cooking up a storm in the desert, writing my cookbook memoir and starting this blog to share with you guys. It’s about food, it’s about life and the collective relationship we all have with food and technology. I invite you into my kitchen and life in our oasis to share recipes, ideas, a virtual bit of sweet and a ‘nice cup of tea.’