Roast Beet and Goat cheese Napoleon salad

Roast Beet and Goat cheese Napoleon salad. I was looking through my cook books yesterday afternoon while the wind storm roared and raindrops fell. I spotted an old cookbook of Wolfgang Puck’s and pulled it out and flicked through the pages. A Roasted Beet Napoleon salad caught my eye. The splendid color of the beet … [Read more…]

Muesli packed with healthy goodness

Muesli simply the best. While traveling through Switzerland on a road trip last May, what struck me most was the fresh, crystal-clear, unused air — at least it felt like that. The Alps are spectacular, looming up into the clearest of blue skies. And, the beauty of the countryside took my breath away. The pristine … [Read more…]

Spinach apple lime smoothie

It’s a glorious morning here in Palm Springs and I’m sitting at the pool with this simple-to-make, refreshing smoothie, a perfect way to alkalize the body after a morning coffee. The habit of drinking water has taken me years to perfect, and it’s a good habit. Years ago when I moved from Ireland and settled … [Read more…]

Aunt Pat’s Banana bread

In 1977 on a trip to Canada to a small town called Lynden Ontario, I met Aunt Pat and the whole Irish Canadian clan. The family had a great big gathering so everyone could meet us and the amount of food that they all prepared could of fed an army. Baked ham’s and Turkey’s and … [Read more…]

Empty Nest

Good morning friends. The winds have been blowing continually, and late yesterday evening the baby fledglings flew the coop in a flurry of pink blossoms. One flew off into the world and never looked back, the other not quite ready for flight, perched on a branch and clung on for dear life in the whirling … [Read more…]

Airbnb Coachella guests

I have been hosting Airbnb guests and Airbnb Coachella guests for over a year now and love connecting with world travelers.  We have made friends and shared our table and home. This month we will host 65 guests from 27 cities, and now we have guests from Australia, Virginia and Paris, all here for the … [Read more…]

Best Black Pepper Chicken or Tofu

 Best Black Pepper Chicken or Tofu.  The weather was unusual this past week with overcast skies and a sprinkling of rain. It will change when the sun put’s its hat on. That’s one thing we can be sure of living in the desert, the sun will shine the pool will get warm and for the … [Read more…]

Outside our door

Eating breakfast one morning while looking into the yard through the glass sliders, I noticed a beautiful hummingbird hovering back and forth around the bougainvillea. I watched it dive into the bush and disappear for a bit, then emerge and fly way up into the palm tree. I walked outside and peeked into the pink … [Read more…]