Best Black Pepper Chicken or Tofu


 Best Black Pepper Chicken or Tofu.  The weather was unusual this past week with overcast skies and a sprinkling of rain. It will change when the sun put’s its hat on. That’s one thing we can be sure of living in the desert, the sun will shine the pool will get warm and for the … [Read more…]

Outside our door

Feed me Mama.
photo by Louise Lowry

Eating breakfast one morning while looking into the yard through the glass sliders, I noticed a beautiful hummingbird hovering back and forth around the bougainvillea. I watched it dive into the bush and disappear for a bit, then emerge and fly way up into the palm tree. I walked outside and peeked into the pink … [Read more…]

Here goes! – Oxtail Stew

Oxtail Stew.

Oxtail Stew So here I am sitting outside under our mesquite tree with enough birdsong in the air to fill Disney Hall. It’s grey and overcast and my prayers to Zeus have been answered — rain, precious rain, on the way. It’s a rare occurrence in Palm Springs and in this drought, boy do we need … [Read more…]