The Art of living in a Tiny House

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 The Art of Living in a Tiny House.

We are now on week 3 living in our Casita and I’m getting a taste of what it must be like to live in a tiny house. We are in 200 sf  of space with a queen size bed, a bathroom, small fridge,

It's that time of day after work is done.

It’s that time of day after work is done.

toaster oven, a table with a chopping block and our knives. We have a handful of clothes each, folded on a luggage rack on each side of the bed. Bill has a small table on wheels for his desk and thats where all the research, ordering and work get done. There is an art to living in small spaces as a couple and the key to that (apart from really digging your mate) is being organized and mindful about putting things back in their place. It’s my job to keep it all together. Bill is working closely with the contractor on the remodel of our kitchen. Every little detail we decide on together; who knew there was so much involved?  We are now replacing the sliding door with a new slightly bigger one and taking out the window over the sink and replacing it with a pass through window for easy entertaining.

We’ve decided to add three solar skylights in the kitchen with remote control blinds. The costs are beyond ridiculous but the results I’m sure will make an enormous difference, bringing light and sky into the present darkish space. I wont have to put lights on in the morning or late afternoon anymore and that to me is important especially in winter months. I love lots of light in a kitchen where I spend most of my time, cooking and writing.

FullSizeRender (6)

Bedroom floor.

Bill is the kind of guy who enjoy’s finding a deal and he makes decisions (only) after great deliberation and research. We discuss every aspect of the decision making. I am learning about the process and watching the daily progress of the working crew. Our Contractor is a Good human being first and foremost and is always there with answers and ways to accommodate changes we make along the way, which are many. Thats why the costs are rising, just like the temperature of the pool in this summer heat.

There’s low end and high end and the end in the middle. Bill has a knack of finding the high end for less money, and I have a knack for choosing that said, high end product.  With some exceptions, who wants to pay $1000 for a garbage disposal? not me. I’ve learned you pay extra to have silent or relatively silent appliances. Lighting is of the upmost importance too and the choices are many. Bill will have lights put inside some drawers and cabinets and we will have recessed movable LED spots for all the artwork which will be great. The electrician with his beautiful 100 watt smile is working on all the extra wiring Bill added for surround speakers and plugins for new computer and iPad drawer. and  the whole counter top will have plugins underneath to accommodate the technology we all have.

The house is now tiled except for the a small area awaiting the sliding door. The kitchen floor still needs to be sealed and hopefully they will do that later today. We love it, it transforms the entire house and the tilers did an amazing job. The baseboards are going in as I write. Next up is the painting so this afternoon we will get another estimate for the painting of the interior and exterior of the house and we will have to decide on color.

This is where the wall was demolished and the counter will be.

This is where the wall was demolished and the counter will be.

We’ve decided on a quartz stone for the counter tops it will be white but which white we haven’t confirmed yet. I’ve noticed we’ve getting awfully good at the old compromise thing. I think the counter is going to be the main place to hang and I cant wait for it all to be done and have friends over.

It’s now 11.18 and my stomach is grumbling so time for lunch.  FYI most people who live in the desert start the day before the sun comes up and especially in the summer, it’s not unusual to eat lunch when others are eating breakfast. Cheap and cheerful at Chada Thai. Adios my friends have a wonderful week. 


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