1. Jasmin

    Louise, I’m not a baker but I love bread and this recipe for the Irish Brown Bread has my mouth watering and my stomach grumbling. It’s such that I have no choice but give your bread recipe a try. Stay tuned when I report back with update. Can’t say when, but some time soon! Thanks.

  2. Therese

    This looks scrumptious, Louise! I’m overjoyed that you’re sharing your vast treasury of culinary masterpieces!

  3. Grainne Madden

    My mum used make one very like this but used yoghurt rather than buttermilk. I must see if I can hunt down her recipe

  4. Karl Dix

    I drove 20 miles,there was no way I’d put anything but Organic produced butter on this bread, I brought two loafs with me for my farming friends to try. The family were getting ready for a late get together after a hard day on the fields. The table was full with naturally shaped vegetables, the ones you never find in the store, meats, sausages and a big butter dish brimming with pride! Unwrapping Mairead’s bread from the cloth I brought it in, I could sense the curiosity, they were waiting….

    I sliced with great pride in my work, the instructions Louise where again very easy to follow, I even think your sister would have be delighted with the finished loaves. The knife cut doorstep sizes,then with the butter heaped on every body fell silent,you could hear the crusts breaking,if you listened carefully. The flavour blew them away, and we polished off both loaves along with the rest of the tables offerings.

    I shared the recipe with my friends and told them about your blog.

    Thanks Louise for taking me along a road that makes myself and others enjoy cooking and baking.



  5. Thank you Karl, you have a way with words that I appreciate. A gathering of friends and sharing food is always the best way to connect. What part of the country or world are you from? 20 miles to get butter is a long way.


    • Karl Dix

      Hi Louise,

      we live in what we call paradise, a place where tourists are few but if the rest knew,we’d be inundated and lose our freedom. Driving miles for supplies is part of that freedom. Farming lands full of wonderful food. We love your blog, the recipes bring the best out of both cook and the produce. Next we’re going to try the Cod dish. Again a drive will be undertaken, I’ll let you know how we get on.

      Manter o delicioso receitasas we say around here.

      Regards Karl.

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