1. karl dix

    My neighbour called around asking if I’d please close my kitchen windows. I asked her if we was too loud, she looked bewildered at this question answering ” Karl it’s the smell that’s driving us mad, what are you cooking, it has us talking and my kids are convinced it’s Pizza” Well her kids were right, I followed the easy steps Louise and this time to the letter(most other recipes need pimping). The kitchen really took on the affect of letting an 8yr old and his friend doing the dough,the place was bursting with artistic endeavour, the result being a wonderful form to complement the organic toppings! The porch was buzzing with good vibes as the neighbours kids and their curious mother vaulted over the bikes lying around to take us up on the invite to join us in devouring ‘Bill’s’ Pizza.

    Thanks again Louise and keep them coming…

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